In 1971, a group of residents from the Town of Charlestown recognized the need to provide Emergency Medical Services for the residents and visitors to this southern New England coastal community, thereby forming Charlestown Ambulance Service. Charlestown Ambulance is a volunteer, non-profit organization which is supported by an annual donation drive, contract services, revenue recovery from services provided and grants. When Charlestown Ambulance first began the endeavor of providing Emergency Medical Services, the Cross Mills Volunteer Fire Department, of the Charlestown Fire District allowed an ambulance to occupy a bay within their fire station. 

Due to expansion of the Fire Department, Charlestown Ambulance was forced to find a home of their own. In 1983, through more than gracious donations from local property owners, the land at 4891 Old Post Road, Charlestown now houses Charlestown Ambulance Service. Charlestown Ambulance quickly grew and expanded upon the scope of EMS. Not only is emergency transportation provided to local hospitals, but rescue operations is also provided along with water rescue and light technical rescue work. With this came a name change. Charlestown Ambulance Service has expanded to Charlestown Ambulance-Rescue Service. 

Charlestown Ambulance-Rescue Service currently operates two ambulances, equipped to the Paramedic Level of Care with state of the art monitoring and diagnostic equipment. The ambulances; a 2013 Chevrolet G4500 PL Custom Ambulance and a 2012 Chevrolet G4500 PL Custom Ambulance. For our Rescue/Special Operations, we utilize a 2006 Ford F-450 Light Duty McCoy Miller Rescue which is equipped with high powered hydraulic and electric rescue tools. 

In July of 1996, the Charlestown Ambulance-Rescue Service entered into an arrangement with the Town of Charlestown, the Charlestown Police Department and the Charlestown Fire District to restructure the dispatching services for all Emergency Services within the Town of Charlestown. Previously, Fire and Medical Emergencies were dispatched by a private answering service. However, the owner of the answering service, after operating the service for 33 years, decided it was time to retire, hence the creation of what is now heard over the radio waves; Charlestown Dispatch. Charlestown Dispatch is staffed by the professional men and women of the Charlestown Police Department, specifically the Charlestown Police Dispatchers. Police, Fire & EMS are dispatched through the Charlestown Police system with Enhanced 9-1-1 Dispatch; Computerized address information which is available even if the caller is unable to speak. 

Charlestown Ambulance-Rescue Service currently has approximately 45 volunteers that staff the ambulances 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Both of our ambulances and our EMT's are licensed appropriately and accordingly within the Rules & Regulations set forth by the Rhode Island Department of Health, Division of Emergency Medical Services in accordance with the General Laws of the State of Rhode Island.