Meet Abby Carr, CARS EMT
By Board Member Sue Monroe
April 14, 2021

As part of our 50th celebration, we will be introducing you to some of our members. We are excited to share their stories and how they serve our community. This week we are happy to feature Abby Carr.

Abby Carr
Hometown: West Greenwich

Abby Carr’s goal to pursue a future career in patient care was what brought her to Charlestown Ambulance Rescue 8 months ago; but what kept her there was the amazing treatment she’s seen the organization provide to its patients. “After being fully immersed in the CARS community, I realized that my reason for staying at CARS was because of their ability to give high-quality patient care at the point of injury,” says Abby. “All of the staff are able to work together as a team, to physically be with the patient, safely, and to deliver care to the patient at their point of injury.”

Currently a Biological Sciences student at the University of Rhode Island and an EMS Education Teacher’s Assistant, Abby is working hard to achieve her dream of becoming a Physician Assistant (PA) someday. She says CARS is helping to make that dream a reality by giving her the hands-on experience she needs to be successful in the field, with her sights set on attending PA school in the near future.

In the short time she’s been at CARS, Abby says she’s already impressed with everything the organization has to offer including its technical rescue operations, exceptional equipment, and extensive crew with a true love of the job. She says she’s inspired by what CARS has accomplished over the past 50 years in its service to the community. “Because of the strong foundation that was created 50 years ago, CARS will forever continue to improve and be able to serve the town of Charlestown to the highest standard of care.”

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