Thank You CARS Members!
By Board Member Sue Monroe
May 19, 2021

In honor of EMS Week and CARS 50th anniversary, we want to thank our members for their dedicated and professional service to our community.

There’s no job too big or too small for the volunteers at Charlestown Ambulance Rescue Services; whether it be an allergic reaction, chest pain, car accident, boating accident, mental health crisis, or a fall. And there’s no one in the community CARS won’t help; whether you’re a lifelong Charlestown resident, seasonal homeowner, or vacationer/visitor. From delivering babies to assisting our seniors, CARS comes to the aid of people of all ages; and the community can rest assured that the members of Rescue will be there to provide help and care wherever and whenever it’s needed.

“Your thoughtful, professional experience always put my husband at ease, especially during his difficult times. Our family will always be eternally grateful for each and every one of you” – Spouse of CARS patient

CARS has been honored to have the privilege of serving the community for the last 50 years, and looks forward to serving for another 50 years and beyond. We proudly stand at the ready to serve the community.

Our team loves hearing from our patients and their families. There’s a bulletin board at the station where notes and letters of thanks and appreciation are posted for the team.

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