Meet Bridget Montle, CARS Lieutenant
By Member Sue Monroe
June 2, 2021

Bridget Montle, CARS Lieutenant
Hometown: Wakefield, RI

Bridget Montle says she instantly fell in love with Emergency Medicine after going on her first call with Charlestown Ambulance Rescue Services when she was just a teenager. Bridget joined CARS at 17-years-old not knowing what she wanted to do for a career, but quickly realized she wanted to work in the medical field after joining Rescue. Starting as a Junior Member, Bridget worked her way up to an EMT-Basic before completing her EMT-Cardiac and finally becoming a Lieutenant in 2019. She’s now been with the department for 6 years and says she’s gained invaluable skills, experience, and opportunities along with life-long friendships and memories. “I have learned so much about becoming a leader, mentor, and provider through this organization,” she says.

Also a Registered Nurse, the CARS Lieutenant says her experience at the department helped her excel through nursing school. She currently works as a full-time RN in the South County Hospital Emergency Room and per-diem at Westerly Hospital, and gives credit to CARS for teaching her the critical thinking and patient assessment skills needed to be successful in her roles in medicine. Bridget, who is also a Rescue Swimmer at the department, says one of her favorite things about CARS is being able to take care of patients at the point of their injuries, whether on land or at sea.

“CARS has accomplished so much over the last 50 years; we have grown as a department and have strengthened our relationship with our residents, surrounding agencies and hospitals. We train our providers to provide the highest quality patient care, and I have no doubt that we will only continue to improve our standards.”

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