CARS Incorporators and Families Recognized at CARS Headquarters
By Board Member Sue Monroe
November 19, 2021

History was made at Charlestown Ambulance-Rescue last night. At the end of the monthly membership meeting, our Incorporators and their families entered the CARS apparatus bay. It was really quite a moment. Although this esteemed group founded CARS 50 years ago, many have never been in the building. When the ambulance first started, there wasn’t a formal station and calls were responded to from home. How far CARS has come in 50 years.

Incorporators and Founders in attendance included:
* Peter Richards joined by his wife, Kathy and their children, Scott (Dawn) and Jill (Bob)
* Peter Abbruzzese and his wife, Cheryl traveled from Florida and were joined by their children Jeana (Anthony) and JoAnne (Randy) and their grandchildren.
* Representing Beatrice Fox was her grandson and CARS member, Nick Fox
* Representing John Schroth were his daughters. Diane, Donna, Debra, Denise and granddaughter, Jaime

Town Council President, Deb Carney read the Proclamation approved and presented at the recent Town Council meeting. Chief Kettle welcomed the group, expressed his personal and organization’s excitement to host and recognize the incorporators. Each Incorporator and family was recognized and received a commemorative 50th anniversary challenge coin.

The Richards family presented CARS a photo tribute of the incorporators. This will proudly adorn the station wall for years to come.

Pastor Kevin Mansfield from the Shannock Baptist Church led us in a closing prayer. Families and friends toured the building, apparatus and spoke with CARS members.

It was truly an honor to be the presence of these pioneers and their families. It was their vision, determination and grit that made CARS what it is today. We are eternally grateful and look forward to their return visit.